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Southwest Sustainability Innovation Engine

A university, industry and community collaboration funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation

An innovation ecosystem

Southwest Sustainability Innovation Engine, led by Arizona State University and spanning three states — Utah, Nevada and Arizona — aims to elevate the Southwest as a regional hub of economic development catalyzed by sustainability innovation.


We envision a thriving future for the Southwest as a hub of green innovation, with industries and communities supported by renewable energy at low water cost, with STEM-enabled jobs and economic growth accessible to all. To unleash this potential, Southwest Sustainability Innovation Engine (SWSIE) is building an ecosystem of researchers, innovators, educators and decision-makers to harness STEM innovation and grow a workforce pipeline for the net zero economy.


SWSIE addresses sustainability-driven innovations with an integrated, systems-level approach to equitably transform water security, renewable energy, and net carbon emissions and use of carbon directly captured from the atmosphere.

Our mission is to transform the Southwest region into a national innovation hub, leading not only to positive climate impacts, but also to high wage jobs, economic growth, and technology-based startups and venture capital investments.

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