The Southwest Sustainability Innovation Engine is one of the first Regional Innovation Engines supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation to catalyze and foster innovation ecosystems across the United States. 

Regional Innovation Engines advance critical technologies, address pressing national and societal challenges, cultivate academic-industry-public sector partnerships, promote and stimulate economic growth and job creation, and spur regional innovation and talent.

R&D themes

SWSIE pursues an integrated, systems-level approach to sustainability innovation.

Visioning and roadmapping

Water security

Renewable energy

Carbon capture

Systems information

Research translation

SWSIE’s overarching goal is inclusive and rapid access to R&D applications, getting technology and governance innovations rapidly to market and practice, and connecting currently distributed resources, expertise and programs for commercialization and translation. SWSIE supports several interrelated translation efforts:

Translation training

Incubators and tech transfer hubs

Venture capital

Software development

Workforce development

SWSIE engages state and local economic and workforce development organizations, industry, universities, and community and technical colleges to address workforce gaps with a portfolio of entrepreneurship, technical career and upskilling workforce programs aligned with SWSIE partners and designed to be inclusive of underserved populations through:

Sustainability innovation education for K-12 students

Managerial, municipal training

Entrepreneurial mentoring and small business support

Shared digital and in-person platform for workforce upskilling and training

New community college curriculum

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